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Ready to exchange your home?

There are two modes of payment available

By credit card Visa, Mastercard and American Express or Paypal™

Choose your subscription 1 year
$ 100
2 years
$ 140
$ 175
$ 0
  Choose Choose Choose Choose
Contact other members Yes Yes Yes  
Be contacted by other members Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited number of exchanges Yes Yes Yes Yes
View all offers Yes Yes Yes Yes
Save your favorites listings Yes Yes Yes Yes
Unlimited number of photos Yes Yes Yes Yes
1 Year Free subscription to another website1 Yes Yes Yes  
1 Year Free subscription to Homeexchange.com2     Yes  

1 The website is ($ 80 value)

2 If you have never been a member of ($ 150 value)

* Guest must absolutely put at least 4 photos of his house


What you get with your subscription

  • unlimited viewing of offers exchange for one year or for life ;
  • no other charges whatever the number of exchanges you make;
  • registration accompanied by a descriptive text;
  • unlimited pictures with your ad;
  • a link to your web page if you wish;
  • change your ad and your photos whenever you want;
  • a personalized service: answers to your questions the same day;
  • one year free registration to two other website partners for all subscription.
  • one year free registration to for Lifetime members.

Why choose us to share your home?

An exceptional service / price report.

We invite you, before you register, to compare not only prices but also the services and quality. At your registration does not cost you half of one night's accommodation in a hotel. Hard to beat.

A personalized service.

Questions about the terms or about how to proceed? Send an e-mail and you'll have an answer within 12 hours. Or visit our practical information section, our Frequently Asked Questions section or our Learn more section to inform and reassure you.

A 14 years expertise in home exchange.

Thousands of exchanges made through this site for over 14 years. Read testimonials from our traders. You'll see why they chose us.

An attractive ad and a link to your web page.

The description of your home, unlimited photos, your exchange offer and any other information you consider relevant. You have a personal web page? Add a link to this page or a link to a page of your choice.

A secure access to your ad at any time.

Want to modify your exchange proposal, email, photos or participate in the forum? Your password allows you to access at any time to your profile and keep your ad up to date.

A multilingual service.

With an ad in French, Italian and Spanish you will  reach more people and increase the number of countries where you can exchange.

I want to register. What is the procedure?

  1. First you make your payment by one of two methods listed below.
  2. As soon as your payment is received, you'll receive the address where you can make your exchange offer.
  3. Register your exchange offer online and choose your password.
  4. Your offer will appear online immediately.
  5. You can then view the offers as a member, join the people you want and be contacted by other members, edit your ad and photos whenever you want and as often as you like .

What will happen after the receipt of my payment?

You will be redirected to the page where you can complete your house exchange ad description.

All you have to do next is the pleasant task of finding an exchange for your next holiday.

Good trade!