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Comments from our members

Just send us an e-mail with your testimony and we will add it with pleasure to the others.


We just come back from our third home exchange with France, not counting two more made with Montreal a few years ago.

We, and the other parties have been 100% satisfied with the system of home and car exchange.

To be successful, especially if you go on an other Continent, begin your searches in November-December for an exchange the following summer, and be pro-active in contacting the listings that interest you: don't wait for others to contact you.

Once contact is made, contact your exchanger often by e-mail or phone to possibly detect some erroneous information. By February-March, each party should be able to prove that the air tickets have been purchased. If not, that may mean having to contact other prospects.

Without entering in the nitty-gritty, be clear what to expect as cleanliness of the house on arrival and departure, and the car, taking and leaving the car with the tank full, and food for the first morning, etc..

What you save on room and breakfasts allows you to try local restaurants...

But mainly, home exchange is a question of trust: You trust your exchanger as he trusts you.

Good luck in your search.

Michel B., Coquitlam B.C. Canada


Thank you for encouraging me to list with you, even though we live in "English Canada". We enjoyed a fabulous exchange with a wonderful family en Bretagne this summer for three weeks. We feel like we have made friends for life with each other. My french improved immeasurably. The exchange went better than expected in every way. I look forward to doing it again and recommend your service.

Many thanks,


Ara P.,Vancouver, Canada


We made our twelfth exchange this summer thanks to you. Unfortunately, it was not in Canada, but who knows -- maybe next year? As always, everything went very well (nice house, very good relationship with our exchangers). And once again we were able to experience the magic of the mountain (the Alps) through excursions and its splendid landscapes... Just this evening I submitted an advertisement for a colleague who wants to go to Quebec the next summer, and I also recommended your site to a Canadian from Montreal who visited us the last week!!! God how the world is small thanks to Internet!

Kenavo! (Goodbye in Breton)


Hello Mr Dugas,

(...) Our exchange was a great success in every way. I appreciated this formula very much because it was an enriching experience. Exchanging my home gave me the chance to meet many interesting and open people, who I will always remember. Only one thing has been on my mind since I came back last week -- to plan another exchange! I was extremely lucky because I met friendly people who shared the same values as me. There were no problems and everything went well because we followed your invaluable advice. Thank you so much for this magnificent vacation.

Mrs. Ginette A.


Thanks to your exchange site, we spent a splendid three-week vacation in Nice. Amazing!!! It was the perfect exchange. From now on, we will travel only in this way. We hope that you come back from Bordeaux soon to register us again. Thanks also for your creativity. Bravo!

Louise et Jean

Bonjour Serge

We enjoyed our home exchange with a family from Vercors. An amazing three weeks! The formula is exceptional (...). the house was very pretty, the adorable neighbours, the landscape, the culture, the food... First we visited them, then they visited our place. It was an incredible experience and we hope to have another one next year! Thank you ever so much for your home exchange network!

Louise A. et Marc B.

Bonjour Serge.

Just sending you a short message to thank you for arranging this excellent exchange, which has made it possible for us to travel inexpensively. We would also like to tell you that thanks to your excellent site, we found Parisians with whom to exchange our apartment for July. Thank you once again for your work and we will do it again next summer. (...)

Yannick, Ophélie et Annie

Salut Serge,
Your web site is super. I was registered there. I did not find an exchange but I talked to a lot of people (...) Merci.

Denis A.


We finally found exchangers in France, as we wanted -- and all thanks to you! We are very happy with this site. We hope that our first experience will be a pleasant one. Thank you for giving us this great opportunity.

Régine et Claude


Thank you for your welcoming site. We are going to Paris in July, when our Parisian exchangers come here. Bravo for your and thank you for your effort!

Claude B.


Ce petit mot pour vous avertir que nous avons réussi à concrétiser un échange grâce aux photos que vous avez bien voulu insérer sur votre serveur. Nous allons donc nous rendre à la Durantaye fin Août. Merci encore pour votre site qui fonctionne très bien, d'un accès très aisé et qui est visité par beaucoup de monde. Bravo Serge. Amicalement


Bonjour M. Dugas,
It is my pleasure to congratulate you once again on your beautiful web site. It has given us ideas for future trips. I have a large family with many children (aged 6.5 months to 13 years), and this way of travelling has opened up a lot of doors for us.



Franchement très beau site. J'ai moi-même créé et je gère 2 sites web et je sais le travail que cela demande. Bravo et félicitations pour cette belle initiative

Katherine & Laurent


We have just carried out an exchange. We would like to thank you for the hospitality offered on your site and -- who knows? -- maybe the next one will be with you!

Gaston L.


Nous avons le plaisir de vous annoncer que grâce à votre site nous avons trouvé à échanger avec des québécois, donc on laisse la place à d'autres et vous pouvez effacer notre message. Merci et à bientôt pour d'autres échanges.

Jean-louis et Marie-Anne R.


J'ai finalement conclu un échange avec des gens de la région de Montpellier. (...) Merci d'avoir organisé ce site: j'ai maintenant la preuve qu'il est très utile. Bonne chance aux autres proposeurs.

Alain S.

Bonjour Monsieur,

Merci beaucoup pour votre site tres bien organise. Je ne fais pas d'echange personnellement mais je me suis occupe de trouver un echange pour mes parents et pour la famille de ma tante. Ces deux echanges sont desormais en cours d'organisation. Vous pouvez donc enlevez leurs annonces. Merci encore !!

Armelle .

Bonjour M.Dugas

We have just made an exchange. We would like to thank you for your hospitable site and -- who knows? -- maybe the next exchange will be with you!

Robert R.

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