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Travelhomeexchange joins the adventure with the GuesttoGuest/HomeExchange Group!Travelhomeexchange joins the adventure with the GuesttoGuest/HomeExchange Group!

Created in 2011, in France, and led by Charles-Edouard Girard and Emmanuel Arnaud, the GuestToGuest / HomeExchange Group offers 450,000 homes to exchange with worldwide.

“I am pleased that will be a part of the world's largest home exchange community.” Serge Dugas, founder of

Another way to travel!Another way to travel!

Please take a moment to review what people say about us on our feedback page and you will understand what a great service we provide. Also, please look at our FAQ page where we have tried to answer the most frequently asked questions regarding home exchanging.

Check freely exchange proposals.Check freely exchange proposals.

It is not necessary to be a member to view hundreds of proposals for exchange of homes available. So you're free to view photos and ads before deciding to subscribe. With your subscription, you will be able to see the home or apartment exchange listings in member mode. You will also be able to contact traders via email and place or modify your own ad at any time as well as pictures of your home.

Becoming a member: an opportunity for almost free vacationBecoming a member: an opportunity for almost free vacation

An exchange in your own country will give you almost free vacation. In fact, all you will have to pay is a small subscription to our service. No additional fees will be required. Of course, we cannot guarantee an exchange, but the chances are very good to make at least one if you put the time. You can share as many times as you like during the year, whether for school holidays or summer vacation.

Your almost free vacations.Your almost free vacations.

For an exchange in foreign countries, just imagine the savings and especially the advantages. Why spend your vacation in an expensive hotel room when you can have a whole home for free? Why rent an expensive car when you can have one for free? And why should you spend time and money in restaurants when you can have your own kitchen and dining room? Furthermore, home exchanges offer more opportunities for meeting people and making lasting friendships. And during this time, you can rest assured that reliable, trustworthy guests are taking care of your own home... What more could you ask for?

Exchange a house across the world or simply ... at home.Exchange a house across the world or simply ... at home.

Take advantage of school holidays to exchange your home. You can across the world to organize a successful holiday through the exchange, but an exchange in your country can be as satisfactory. All Saints' Day, Christmas, Easter are all the time you can discover a new part of the country by sharing your primary residence or second home for holidays or weekends, and in all seasons.

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